Introduction to Impressionist Photography with Multiple Exposures

November 18-19, 2017

Ottawa Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON

During this two day hands-on workshop, you will practice a variety of techniques to capture multiple exposures in-camera as well as techniques to process your photographs to create impressionist style images. 

Participants should

  • have a camera with the capacity to capture multiple exposures.
  • be familiar with basic features on their camera
  • understand the processing of RAW files (in Lightroom or Camera Raw)
  • be familiar with Photoshop features such as the use of layers, masking and blending modes.

Participants are to bring their own computers to class with Photoshop and either Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (usually included with Photoshop).

Maximum participants: 5

Class fee: $199 + HST

NOTE: The invoice will come under Henry Fernando Photography