I became interested in photography ten years ago.  Since then, I have been looking for my own photographic voice - my own style - finding out what interests me, and what type of images I like to create.

My approach to photography is experimental, and I enjoy creating images using many different techniques.  My photographs range from the traditional landscapes to created images.  I am a self-confessed pixel-bender and my preference is to show what cannot be seen with the naked eye.  I sometimes bend my pixels in-camera, with various multiple exposure techniques. Other times, I will scan my existing catalog of images and select one that calls to me and get to bending, adjusting, blending and mixing, until I like what I have. Either way, I get my best images when I zone out and just play!

My husband is also a photographer and we enjoy travelling and photographing places.  I have found that I see and experience a place very differently as a photographer, looking below the surface and capturing many details that I would never notice if I wasn't looking through my viewfinder.

I come here to share these images and some of the thoughts and feelings each of them evokes in me. I hope they evoke feelings in you also. I also hope that you follow me as I continue to experiment and explore the realm of image-making.

For my fellow photographers out there, here's a little gear info:

I started out with a Nikon D200 and a 18-200mm lens! That was my go-to kit. These days, I use the D800.  My favorite lens to shoot with is the Nikkor 24-120 F4. I love its versatility and great optics. For post-processing, I work primarily in Lightroom and Photoshop CC.  I use many types of techniques when working with my images, including filters, however, I usually prefer using effects selectively rather than globally. My favorite plug-ins are from the Topaz series: Adjust, Texture, and Glow, My go-to plug-in for black and white is NIK Silver Effects.  I have also worked with FilterForge and I find that the wide selection of filter and effects opens up all sorts of possibilities.

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